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  • Seeking Excellence

    through constant improvement
Second Baptist School's track program glorifies God as students pair their athletic abilities with the effort to train and perform their best. The track program is focused and driven providing athletes opportunities for growth in their skills and leadership. Highly organized practices, taking advantage of SBS' top of the line facilities and resources, employ current training techniques and strategies. Training also includes weekly devotionals as a team as well as ending each practice in prayer with a devotional from one of our captains. The track program fosters service and encouragement to others in order to honor God. Track athletes continuously push toward improvement in their training to exceed their potential. Track & Field is available to male and female athletes in grades 7-12.

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  • Coach Lane

    The main reason I coach is because God has given me the desire to impact young men and women for the kingdom of God and coaching is an extremely effective way to do that.

Athletics Headlines

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    Bradley Brad Lane 

    Upper School Dean of Students, Asst. Track, Asst. Football
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    Herschel Johnson 

    MS Track
  • Photo of Nicholas Mascioli

    Nicholas Nick Mascioli 

    Director of Athletic Performance
  • Photo of Chelsey LeBaron

    Chelsey LeBaron 

    Assistant Director of Athletic Performance, MS Girls Soccer
  • Photo of Brad Cooper

    Brad Cooper 

    Sports Medicine
  • Photo of Samantha Nila

    Samantha Nila 

    Sports Medicine

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