Theatre and Choreography

Lower School
In our Early Childhood Program (PK3, PK4 and Bridge), our youngest students learn the basics of performing for an audience of friends and family at their annual HoeDown featuring the great state of Texas. The journey continues in first grade when our young performers present “Dream Big,” a program answering the question of what they want to be when they grow up. In second grade, our students portray U.S. presidents and first ladies past and present in the annual “President’s Parade.” While in the third grade, they expand their performances by learning to play a musical instrument, the recorder, and share their new skills at an end of year concert. “Jesus Freak” is the fourth grade’s proclamation of the Gospel and being a Jesus follower. This program, a musical performance, encompasses all the genres of performing and theatre arts.
Middle School
In middle school, fifth and sixth graders participate in a musical, introducing students to a theatrical performance complete with sets, costumes and after-school rehearsal times.
The first full-scale theatrical production occurs in the seventh and eighth grade years, which is presented annually to sold-out audiences. This exciting opportunity allows students to perform in front of large crowds while introducing them to all aspects of performing and theatre arts. Through these experiences, middle school students continue to develop an appreciation of the arts that can lead them on a lifelong journey of participation in and appreciation of the arts.
Upper School
Upper school actors perform in two major productions each year, the fall drama and the spring musical. The fall drama is a full-scale drama production performed on the school campus and stretches our students in performance-based learning. Past performances include classics like Our Town by Thornton Wilder, Emma by Jane Austen, Much Ado About Nothing and Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The goal of participation in theatre arts at Second Baptist School is to have performed a variety of the classics upon graduation.
Our Tommy Tune Award-winning musicals involve a significant number of upper school students who eagerly participate as cast, crew and/or orchestra members. The spring musical is a beloved and traditional culmination of the Second Baptist School theatre arts program.

Tommy Tune Awards