All Star All-Staters

After much practice and the courage to undergo a competitive tryout process, seniors Carrie Fleming and Andy Verghese, along with junior Charlotte Hartman, were selected out of more than 60,000 competitors to join the TMEA All-State Choir.

Every year, the Texas Music Educators Association, consisting of more than 11,000 music educators, selects the top young musicians among public and private schools across Texas to rehearse and perform together. They receive top-notch coaching from prestigious educators in a series of workshops, followed by a live concert to close out the weekend.

“Sight reading has been challenging for me, and I’m working hard to improve,” Charlotte said. When it comes to the TMEA weekend, “meeting and singing with people who are incredible musicians” is what Charlotte looks forward to the most.

Carrie, Andy and Charlotte will travel to San Antonio, February 8-11, to participate in the All-State Choir.

Additionally, senior Celine Lai’s excellence in playing the flute landed her a spot in the TPSMEA All-State Band. TPSMEA, specific to private schools in Texas, selected Celine among 12 other flute players. She received the fifth highest audition score.
Celine will travel to Richardson, January 26-28, to perform with the All-State Band of approximately 115 participants. "I'm excited to be in a brand new environment that I've always heard about, but never actually had the chance to experience firsthand," Celine said.
Congratulations to our wonderful musicians!