Model Leaders

Chicago International Model United Nations (CIMUN) is a particularly intense Model United Nations (Model UN). Described on their website as immersive, realistic and professional, CIMUN challenges students with more real-world experience closer to the actual United Nations. In fact, at each CIMUN conference, a historic year (1994) is selected to be represented, as well as the current year.
Upon their arrival, student participants are put on a real time 24/7 schedule and immediately challenged with real-life simulations. If an international crisis occurs in the wee hours of the morning, delegates are awakened to collaborate with other committee members to resolve these complex issues.
To participate in CIMUN, committee members must be quite advanced in their Model UN experiences. Students are well-versed in parliamentary procedure and have completed significant research about the country they represent. SBS students who are invited to attend CIMUN have regularly displayed a focused commitment to Model UN club. This year the following students represented the U.S. and Sri Lanka at CIMUN:  
Emily Quach: Attorney General Janet Reno (1994)
Garrett Logan: Minister of the Interior for Turkey (2016)
Cassie Thompson: Press Delegate for RIA Novosti (Russian News Agency)
Eddie Hepburn and David Little: UN General Assembly (2016)
Sabrina Shen: International Court of Justice, Sri Lanka
Gilliane Dixon: Ad-Hoc Committee of ICJ (1994)
Hayden Grobleben: UN Security Council (1994)
Janna Lejano and Victoria Suh: Economic and Social Council (2016)
Schuyler Poage: UN General Assembly (2016)
Kyle Slaughter: UN Security Council (2016)
Shelby Clark and Tara Nored: UN General Assembly (1994)
Cooper Carlyle: International Court of Justice, U.S.
“CIMUN is the ultimate Model UN experience, and our students lead out in their committees negotiating and proposing resolutions. They knew their countries and were able to challenge other delegates. I was very proud of their leadership and the way they conducted themselves during their conference sessions,” shared Mrs. Clare Towery, sponsor for SBS Model UN.
Victoria Suh served as Head Delegate, which gave her access to all committees. Tara Nored was singled out by two of the conference executive staff for the excellent work she did on her committee.