Middle School


The Harkness Method

At the center of the SBS middle school experience is the Harkness Method of teaching and learning.
Students, situated around large oval tables, engage in rich discussions to create electric, collaborative moments that enhance deep learning. Harkness provides a unique platform for students to collectively derive a greater understanding of any topic. Students prepare nightly through readings and excerpts and bring an individual sense of comprehension to the Table. However, it is at the Table where learning expands, grows and manifests. The unique aspect of this pedagogy is that the students are driving the discussions.
The teachers at Second Baptist School are thoroughly trained in the approach and facilitation of the Harkness Method. A simple metaphor for the teacher at the table is the invisible hand guiding the discussion, interjecting at just the right moment or sitting still allowing students to dialogue.
Harkness provides the opportunity for students to own their education and develop skills that will propel them long beyond their years at Second Baptist School. The focus is not just college preparatory; it is life preparatory.