Alumni Awards: Distinguished Speaker Luncheon

The Distinguished Speaker Luncheon is held each fall in honor of our faculty and staff and serves as an outreach to the community as we include parents, grandparents, alumni and friends. All proceeds from the annual luncheon go directly to pay for Christmas gifts for Second Baptist faculty members and salary increases in the following year.

During the luncheon, we take the opportunity to honor an alumnus for their contributions and achievements, as well as alumni parents for their support of Second Baptist School over the years. 
Distinguished Alumni:

Rev. Benjamin Blake Young ‘82
Mr. R. Ted Cruz ‘88
Mrs. Amy Ross Kay ‘89
Mr. Charles Bacarisse ‘82
Mr. W Gregory Looser ‘87
Mr. Edd K. Hendee ‘94
Dr. Amy Woodruff ‘88
Mr. Trey Beck ‘89
Mr. Kirby Trapolino ‘91
Ms. Christine Young ‘97
Mr. Kirk Craig ‘96 and Mrs. Amanda VanZandt Craig ‘96
Mr. Chad Stubbs ‘92
Lt. Colonel Jeremy Wieder ‘96
Distinguished Alumni Parents:

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Woliver
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Craig
Mr. and Mrs. David Tauber
Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Durrett
Mr. and Mrs. Skip McBride
Dr. and Mrs. Tommy Clanton
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brewton
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Elsenbrook
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kerns