Middle Schoolers In Focus

Each year, the middle school carves out one week for In Focus. This is a week when the school partners with SBC to make Jesus, and walking with Him, their entire focus. Middle schoolers attend chapel and community events every day to bolster fellowship. The SBC student ministry plans and executes the whole week. This year’s theme was "State of the Heart," and David's story was the centerpiece. 
On Wednesday SBC’s Michael Head told the story of David bringing his sin before the Lord and completely repenting. He discussed how it is our tendency to avoid repentance, clean up what we can or what others can see, but we really just need to confess all of our sin to God. Moved by what he said, students made decisions to follow Christ at the end of the session!
According to Cate Calderon ’23, “During In Focus week, I learned that David was just like us, he tried to hide from his mistakes. However, as soon as we recognize our sin, God changes us the same way he changed David.”
The week culminated with a huge block party celebrating life change and transformation in Jesus. Inflatables, dough cones, games, pizza and students filled the WWV parking lot for the fun. Students were able to rejoice over what God had done in their lives that week and enjoyed fellowship together. 
Bible teacher Mrs. Loren Hopf said, “My favorite part of the week was watching our kids respond to the Lord. Whether through singing worship songs, listening intently to the Word being preached, asking questions or seeking counsel, it was awesome! It is incredible to get to worship with your students.” 
Click here to view photos from middle school In Focus.