The Pride of Texas

SBS second grader, Savannah ‘31, won third place in poetry in this year’s Houston Rodeo Writing Competition with her original poem, “The Pride of Texas.”
We are proud of SBS second grader, Savannah, who entered her poem, “The Pride of Texas” in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ Trailblazer Committee’s inaugural Writing Competition for Texas second graders. According to the Trailblazer Committee, the writing contest is “an opportunity for students to display their creativity, imagination and writing skills in either an essay or poem.” The 2021 theme was “Why I Am Proud to Live in Texas,” and Savannah’s poem definitely fit the bill!

From bluebonnets to tex-mex, Blue Bell to Davy Crockett, her poem highlights the fun Texas icons and traditions we all know and love. Savannah’s second grade teacher, Jessica Ford, said, “Savannah is an excellent student and writer, so I wasn't surprised at all that she won. Savannah takes her time to develop each of her writings and always does her best.”

Enjoy Savannah’s award-winning poem, “The Pride of Texas.”

The Pride of Texas

The Pride of Texas
Texas is my Lone Star State
This is why it’s really great
Tex-mex is good food
Hey watch it dude
You’re about to spill my taco plate
Bluebonnets are great flowers
They make tall blue towers
Armadillos curl into a ball
While pecans fall
Collecting them takes hours
Texans are brave
Davy Crockett came to save
Aggies say howdy
And the twelfth man goes rowdy
Yeah Texans are my fave
In Texas we have rodeos
We get to eat fried oreos
We eat them with Blue Bell ice cream
And it makes us scream
We play country music on our radios
Texan I am proud to be
Living here fills me with glee
In Texas we are friendly to all
And now it’s time to say “Goodbye Y’all”
Let’s go drink some sweet tea