2021-2022 Prefects and Fellows

Communications Fellow Cameron Kelley '22
Monday, April 5, the 2021-2022 Prefects and Fellows were announced to the SBS school community. The current and incoming Prefects and Fellows share about the leadership opportunities this program creates for SBS students. 

The Make-up of an SBS Prefect and Fellow   
The Prefects and Fellows are comprised of student leaders responsible for maintaining morale, school spirit, and shaping student perception about what it means to be a student at Second Baptist School. All Prefects and Fellows are selected for their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, love for SBS and commitment to pursue excellence.

My Experience and Transition
As I gradually slip off my well-worn shoes of the Communications Fellow and excitedly step into the new shoes of the Student Life Prefect, I realize how grateful I am with two incredible opportunities to develop not only my leadership skills but also my character. When I first gained my Communications’ heels, I tried them on with wobbly ankles, but I hit the ground running. Even as I grew comfortable, the process was not without stumbles or falls, but my communications team, alongside my mentor Shari Durrett, was always there to uplift me, encourage me, and teach me invaluable lessons. Because of my growth and experiences over the past year, this time, as I put on these new shoes, I enter them with a sturdy foundation and preparedness to sprint the yearlong journey.

As the Communications Fellow, I viewed my role as an intern, always learning, always creating new initiatives and always meeting to assess my progress. This year as the Student Life Prefect, I view my role as directly engaging with my classmates in goals and projects to achieve a vision. The Fellows program works to develop practical skill sets and leadership; while the Prefect program provides student leaders opportunities to employ their skills and experiences. SBS Prefects and Fellows not only understand but also work to exemplify, Second Baptist School’s mission, passion and values. 

Passing the Baton 
The outgoing Prefects have spent the past year working through countless “no’s” and persevering through many challenges as graduating seniors within a global pandemic. These student leaders worked tirelessly to modify plans as they spearheaded efforts of socially distanced community involvement across the SBS campus. Students and staff members alike admired the 2020-2021 Prefects for their positivity through adversity. In their year of service, dedication and selfless leadership, they inspired their classmates to make the most of every presented opportunity. 

Service Prefect Caroline Bolling ‘21 expresses her advice to her classmates stepping onto the new Prefects and Fellows teams, encouraging them to “not be afraid of taking on big projects” and that “with a little bit of flexibility, hard work and the support of your student body and administration, you can accomplish any task!” 

Next, Publicity Prefect Willow Bullington ‘22 advised the incoming leaders that “this role will teach you a lot about yourself and will challenge you to look inward at your intentions when you serve others.” She continued saying, “you will face criticism, but it is not a reflection of your character or value.” 

Head Prefect Connor Claypool ‘21 added on by sharing “my hope for the incoming Prefects and Fellows is that they stay strong in their mission and goals throughout the year. I know each one of them has the ability to do an incredible job, so I hope they use their strengths for God’s glory to have the greatest impact in our school.”

Leadership Excitement   
Newly selected leaders bubble with enthusiasm over the prospect of the year ahead. Entering Head Prefect Danielle Tackett ‘22 describes the moment she watched her name flash across the screen in the Prefect and Fellows announcement video, “I had my parents on FaceTime and I started screaming and jumping up and down with excitement! I am overwhelmed with gratitude, but also incredibly humbled, knowing that I have an opportunity to serve the community that has supported me over the last three years.” Danielle’s hope for this year is to “challenge the Prefects and Fellows alike to use their platforms to promote positive changes inside and outside the SBS community to ultimately honor God.” 

Tanner Chapman ‘22, future Service Prefect, shares “I am excited to lead the student body in service. At its core, leadership is service and the mission of Second Baptist School calls us to lead courageously. What better way to lead than to serve our communities and the people who serve us? I am so excited to come up with fun service projects that will get the student body excited and ready to serve!” 

Caroline Martinez ‘23 (Entering Communications Fellow) is most excited to “take pictures around the campus, input new ideas for the social media aspect and create an environment that is exciting for not only the students but the parents and faculty!” While Autumn Malone ‘22 (Entering Academic Prefect) wants to “highlight student achievements and show appreciation for milestones in both athletics and academics.”

Nina Robert ‘22 (Entering Admissions Fellow) expresses, “I am so grateful and excited to serve as a Fellow for my senior year! I cannot wait to work with the admissions team alongside Kendall Felton ‘22 as we demonstrate to others why we love SBS so much. I am looking forward to new opportunities and how God will grow our community next year!”

As Kendall Felton ‘22 (Entering Admissions Fellow) closes with the hopes “to leave an influential, genuine and loving impact on my classmates' high school experience, similar to the impact of the past Prefects and Fellows had on me.” She voices her aspirations to “create a legacy for myself that uplifts the story of others by representing this school in a way that is fresh, God-led and founded on building connections I will cherish for a lifetime.”

An Opportunistic School Year Ahead  
Congratulations to all the newly appointed Prefects and Fellows and to their predecessors in a year well-led. In these roles, we are given a unique position and responsibility to develop the interests and passions of our classmates into concrete actions with the support and advice of our administration. These positions present us with a chance to give back to our SBS community who is molding us into the people we are becoming and for that, I know we are all extremely grateful. I look forward to leading courageously into a new school year with each of you! 

Academic Prefect Daniel Klein ‘22
Publicity Prefect Autumn Malone ‘22
Student Life Prefect Cameron Kelley ‘22
Service Prefect Tanner Chapman ‘22
Ministry Prefect Naomi Konuma ‘22
Head Prefect  Danielle Tackett ‘22

Head Fellow Charley Schwinger ‘23
Admissions Fellows Kendall Felton ‘22 and Nina Robert ‘22
Advancement Development Fellow Kennedy Brown ‘23
Advancement Events Fellow Cate Calderon ‘23
Advancement 75th Anniversary Fellow Sophia Craig ‘23
Athletics Fellows Joanie Darnall ‘22 and Garrett Hughes ‘23
Arts Fellows Lauren Schweers ‘23 and Ryan Gamble ‘22
College Guidance Fellow Trace Tarkington ‘22
Communications Fellows Caroline Martinez ‘23 and Preston Igo ‘23
Technology Fellow Nathan Flato ‘23