The Festival of Christmas 2019

An evening filled with Christmas spirit marked the annual SBS Festival of Christmas.

To kick off the festive evening, guests gathered in the Woliver-Anderson Library for the Winter Art Show. With hundreds of pieces on display created by SBS art students in all grade levels, those in attendance sipped sparkling cider and enjoyed the one-of-a-kind artwork. 

Following the art show, the Festival of Christmas continued in the Sanctuary. A packed house awaited SBS choirs, theatre students and band. From Carol of the Bells to O Holy Night, and everything in between, the talent displayed by SBS arts students was unparalleled.

According to vocal soloist Caroline Bolling ‘21, “The best part of the Festival or Christmas is being able to see all the arts come together to work on an amazing performance! Singing the final song alongside theatre, band and others brought so much joy to me and the audience.” 

She concluded by saying, “I am thankful for the Festival of Christmas for allowing us to celebrate our Savior’s birth through worship!”

According to Director of Arts Cindy Blades, “The Arts Department is honored to be a part of helping students realize their God-given talents. This amazing team of educators is gifted and dedicated to producing excellence in the arts.”
Listed are the talented Arts Department teachers who made the success of the Festival of Christmas possible:
Liza Brown, Lower School Music
Sam Brown, Middle School Theatre
Sarah McKeon, Middle School Art
Debbie Wylie, Accompanist
Elaina Piggott ‘84, Arts Administrative Assistant
Becky Martin, Choral Director
Kendel Hickenbottom, Director of Instrumental Music
Nora Ripple ‘02, Upper School Art Department Chair
Amy Wagner, Upper School Art
Claire Westmoreland, Upper School Theatre/Music Director