Model U.N. in Chicago

Approximately 1,000 students from across the globe attended the Chicago International Model United Nations Conference. Chicago International Model United Nations (CIMUN) is a particularly intense Model United Nations (Model UN). CIMUN challenges students with more real-world experiences closer to the actual United Nations.
During this conference, students participate in real time 24/7 schedules and are constantly challenged with real-life simulations. If an international crisis occurs early in the morning, delegates are awakened to collaborate with other committee members to resolve these complex issues. Students are well-versed in parliamentary procedure and have completed significant research about the country they represent.

SBS delegates spent months preparing for this conference. According to Caroline Carlyle ‘20, “The Chicago conference is unique, not only because it is out of state, but also because the schools that go to the conference are nationally known for how skilled they are in Model U.N. It was really special to learn more about Model U.N. through students who are exceptional at it.”

Students participate in different committees. SBS delegate Kara Swain ‘20 shared her committee experience: “I participated in a historic committee set in 1968. During the conference, I served as LBJ’s Chief of Staff. The cabinet dealt with various international and domestic issues, such as the storming of the DNC, the Vietnam War (specifically the Tet Offensive) and the riots after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr. During the conference, my cabinet held one of our sessions in the Imperial Suite, where President Johnson, Vice President Humphrey and Mayor Daley actually met fifty years ago to discuss Humphrey’s presidential nomination.”

After a few days of demanding and exciting problem solving, Swain said, “I learned how to speak clearly, quickly and persuasively. I ‘lived’ through various historical crises, and through this hands-on experience I gained real-world knowledge to help me in my history classes!” She went on to say, “During my AP Euro exam, I was thrilled when the topic for our Document Based Question asked about a historical crisis that I had been in a committee about just two weeks before.”

Congratulations to our SBS Model U.N. representatives!