Coach of the Year: Terry Pirtle

The Houston chapter of the National Football Foundation, the Touchdown Club of Houston, recently named the 2018 Private School Coach of the Year as Second Baptist School’s very own varsity football coach, Terry Pirtle. Leading the SBS football team to six straight district championships, the success of this year and his hard work and dedication to the program at SBS contributed to Pirtle being recognized with this honor.
“Being selected as Coach of the Year simply means that our entire staff did a great job coaching their players,” said Pirtle. “Our varsity football staff worked hard every week to make sure each player was prepared every Friday night. It is a good feeling to know that Second Baptist School is recognized as one of the premier football programs in the area.”
The Touchdown Club of Houston recognizes coaches and players from the Houston area private schools, including TAPPS and SPC. Other recognitions from SBS included Grant Dore ‘19 and Tyler Holt ‘19, both finalists in the Defensive Player of the Year category.
Coach Pirtle reflected on what made this year’s team great.
Our team did a great job of buying into the ‘boat’ system, which means each player was placed in one of three boats for team accountability. Our varsity staff was in charge of a boat and each boat elected boat captains. We used these for discipline, conditioning contests and locker room clean up.”
Second Baptist School is blessed by coaches like Terry Pirtle who invest in the lives of students daily and exhort them to excellence.
"Second Baptist School is very fortunate to have a qualified and experienced coach such as Terry Pirtle,” said Director of Athletics Mike Walker. “I have been impressed with his heart for these players and his intentionality to coach them to victory not only on the field but in their everyday lives. Our players know they are loved and cared for.” He went on to say, “Coach Pirtle did a great job of creating a positive culture among the team. Our players responded by winning 11 games on their way to the state final four."