Fourth Grade and Texas History

Each fall, the SBS Library becomes home to several original pieces of Texas history. This creative and long-standing fourth grade project is assigned as students study the Texas Revolution. Fourth graders do research on their own and work build creations outside of class time. They choose from four project options to further their Texas history lessons:
  • A 3D model of the Alamo or the Battle of San Jacinto
  • A model of the six flags that flew over Texas and an original flag for Texas
  • A poem about an event or person in the Texas Revolution
  • A slideshow presentation comparing and contrasting the leaders of the Texas and Mexican armies
To enhance what they’re learning, students research and answer questions that also accompany their project. Texas state history is studied in fourth grade for the entirety of the fall semester and into the spring.

According to fourth grader Andie, "I had so much fun making my flags, cutting them out and researching them!"

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