Composer at SBS

Starting out slow, deep and reverent, the SBS choir reflected on dreams and silence in their opening verses of The Awakening by composer Joseph Martin. After singing the lyrics written about a difficult time in Martin’s life, the song shifted suddenly as the choir erupted into the resounding “Awake, Awake!” of The Awakening. The song picked up into a joyous tempo and harmonious sound. The song finished and the composer, Joseph Martin, stood to congratulate the SBS choir for their hard work. The song, which he composed, was performed perfectly.
“It was an incredible experience hearing from the writer himself explain the meaning behind the lyrics,” said Student Choir President Scott Holcomb ‘19. “The most memorable part was actually performing the song for Mr. Martin, then hearing from him that we performed the song exactly the way he intended.”
Not only SBS choirs, but all upper school students also had the privilege of hearing from Joseph Martin during last week’s upper school chapel. He gave his testimony and shared the meaning behind his masterpiece, The Awakening. It was an incredibly powerful service that gave insight into God’s redemptive power and the joy of music.
“Having Joseph Martin here to speak to our students for Chapel was such a blessing, I was overwhelmed with emotion upon meeting him,” expressed Choir Director Becky Martin. “I have had many experiences performing and directing his music. He is a genuinely nice person and loves being able to write uplifting music for our school and church choirs.” She continued, “My favorite moment was hearing him tell us he loved our interpretation of his song The Awakening and that we performed it exactly the way it was to be sung. That was a huge compliment from a composer.”