Fall 2018 Choir Concert

Second Baptist School choirs performed beautifully composed, skillfully sung pieces from a variety of composers at this year’s choir concert. Students began preparing for the concert in August and their hard work was evident as the evening presented amazing talent and expertise.
“The students have been working on singing technique and musical concepts utilized in the choir concert since the beginning of the school year. Every day in class we work hard to learn the notes, rhythms and harmonies,” said Choir Director Becky Martin. She went on to say, “More importantly, we learned to sing together as a choir. The most memorable moment for me was looking at each choir as they stood to sing and knowing how far they had come from the first day to now.”
“In order to learn the songs, Ms. Martin spent time teaching us the correct notes. After we felt comfortable singing the right parts, she began teaching musicality, such as dynamics,” according to Student Choir President Scott Holcomb ‘19. “The most memorable part was standing in awe the first time we rehearsed with Mr. Anderson for He Never Failed Me Yet.”
Through the combined efforts of middle and upper school choirs, the audience heard a wide repertoire of music from Hosanna as performed by the Concert Choir to He Never Failed Me Yet featuring special guest soloist, Jeff Anderson from Veritas.
Ms. Martin spoke about the students singing with Mr. Anderson, saying, “The students loved He Never Failed Me Yet and when they met Jeff Anderson and heard him sing they were so excited to sing with him. He is talented and so much fun! We loved having him be a part of our concert.”
On Jeff Anderson, Scott shared, “I’ve had the privilege of working with Mr. Anderson before, and I can say whole-heartedly that there is not a more talented and humble person than him. He is very knowledgeable about singing and has personally helped my singing technique.” He went on to say, “Mr. Anderson helped motivate the Vision Choir by sharing his testimony and helped us realize the importance of the gift of music. It is always a joy to work with him and I hope that we will be able to do something similar in the future.”