Axis & Parenting PhD

Second Baptist School and Church recently partnered on a parenting series titled Parenting PhD. The prayer is that this series will equip and prepare us for the ever-evolving and fast-paced wireless culture that children encounter every day.

The initiative started with a session geared toward middle and upper school students presented by Axis. Axis is a non-profit organization that seeks to creatively share God’s truths to the next generation. The mission of Axis is “to empower the next generation to think clearly and critically about what they believe and to take ownership of their faith.” Through a dynamic presentation titled “Alone Together”, Axis shared the impact of too much screen time on a teenager’s life.
Their strategy is “simple, yet incredibly unique: they are culture translators. Being aware of the pulse of culture allows them to bridge the gap between generations by translating pop culture into the ideas it espouses for younger generations, while explaining and interpreting youth culture in ways that older generations understand. By speaking the languages of both generations, they bring common ground and open the way for understanding.”

According to Assistant Head of Middle School Ellen Barrett, “They challenged students, parents and educators to ask these questions about media/information/situations: What is good? What is wrong? What is missing? What is confused? What does scripture say about this?”

Head of Upper School Jon Konzulmen added, “As parents, we need to be proactive in having conversations with our children about difficult topics. It's our responsibility to walk alongside our children and students as they navigate through formative years of their life.”

Thank you Axis and Second Baptist Church for your relevant and wise initiative. Our students, teachers and parents are continuing to broaden their lens and equip for the ever-changing world. If you missed last Saturday’s Parenting PhD conference with Axis and like to know more, visit