Moody Gardens Field Trip

Recently, fifth graders took a day trip to Galveston to visit Moody Gardens. Here, students explored several different exhibits the gardens has to offer. First stop, the pyramids. In the aquarium pyramid, students explored life I the arctic as they stood within feet of penguins and sea lions. Fifth grader Owen Osowski said, “My favorite part was petting the sting rays!” Fifth graders Madison Kalife and Peyton Walsh were so excited to touch the live jellyfish.
During lunch, students observed an otter in its habitat through a floor to ceiling window. The otter served as the perfect mealtime entertainment as it sunbathed, rolled around in the sand, swam and played. Students laughed and stayed glued to the windows in awe of this crowd favorite.
Lastly, students watched a 3D movie about marine biology. According to fifth grade teacher Catherine Schweer '05, “Students gained a deeper understanding of ecosystems and marine conservation through interaction with professional divers and aquarists and a viewing of "Secret Ocean" in the Moody Gardens 3D Theater. Students were up close and personal with sea life.”
According to fifth grade parent and SBS Nurse Heather Cornelius who accompanied students, “The best part of the 3D movie was watching all of our students reach out to try and touch the plant life and animals!”
Click here to view photos from the fifth grade field trip to Moody Gardens.