Arctic Book Blast Book Fair and Fall Art Show

This year’s Artic Book Blast invited SBS families to warm up with a good book. Each year, the SBS Book Fair brings in hundreds of donations for the library to grow and stay up-to-date with the latest reads for our students. Not only does it provide new books, but the week itself reignites a passion for reading and learning in the community.
This year’s visiting authors were Debbie Leland and Sharon Draper. Students had the opportunity to engage with these award-winning authors and have their books signed.
In addition to purchasing books, 91 students signed up and participated in the second annual after school Explorer Fair. Workshops ranged from robotics to the science behind making ice cream.
This year, 450 books were donated to the SBS Library. A special thanks to our librarians and Book Fair volunteers. Book Fair Chair Bethanie O’Brien stated, “It was so sweet to see many of the students genuinely excited about books and the joy of reading. Their parents came out to support this passion in a huge way.”
For the second year in a row, the Fall Art Show took place during the Book Fair and aligned itself with the fair’s theme. Since the first day of school, art students in lower, middle and upper schools have been working on the pieces that were on display. According to upper school art teacher Nora Ripple '02, “I love our students’ diversity and how even though many are assigned the same project, the personalities of our students can be seen in their creations, making each piece one-of-a-kind.”
About 230 works of art were presented to the SBS community. According to Director of Arts Kathy Payne, “My favorite part was watching students come with their parents to show them their art pieces and the pride each student and parent had as they viewed their pieces. Watching them take pictures of their student standing with their art on display was very special to see.” 
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