Girl Talk: A Junior's Bible Study

The room was filled with chatter, laughter and the sounds of friends eating lunch together. Girls were scattered throughout the room, filling chairs, sitting on the floor and standing to make room for more girls coming in. At the front of the room sat three chairs, filled by SBS student leaders with hearts to minister to others. One such leader is Mary Turner ‘20, who began this new SBS Bible Study, Girl Talk, with the help of SBC High School Girls Associate Leah Green, this school year.

Girl Talk is a Bible study that happens every week during lunch and is a place where we can talk about any topic,” said Mary. “It is mainly run by the junior girls and also led by Leah. Here, there is no judgment and nothing is ignored. My goal is to grow our faith and display God’s love for everyone.”

Grown out of a love for the Bible and a calling to minister to her peers, Mary asks students to pick topics they want to hear about and see what God has to say about those things. They are covering a range of topics stemming from the central theme of identity.

“Each week, we cover a different truth regarding our identities,” said Leah. “We are starting with discussing several sources on which our identities should not be based, such as relationship status, how we compare to other ladies, beauty and others. Some girls have volunteered to help lead these discussions. I ask them to write a couple of discussion questions about the topic and find Scriptures that speak to the truth of the matter. I love seeing these girls seek to apply their faith to their everyday life. That has been my prayer!”

The Bible study begins with a certain truth or verse related to the topic of conversation written up front for the girls to read and meditate on. From there, the conversation is lead by students with guidance from Leah. A discussion based study of God’s word begins as they relate to one another, ask probing questions and turn to the word to search for answers.

“I find it very easy as Christians to forget how blessed we are to talk about God, go to Bible classes and go to chapel,” said Mary. “Having this Bible study for me is a reminder of how blessed I am to be able to minister to my fellow classmates.”