The Sweet Market at SBS

The room was abuzz with student chatter, the aroma of baked goods and sweet treats and the shuffle of exchanged money. However, this wasn’t just another bake sale. The Sweet Market, a project dreamed up by AP Government teacher Clare Towery, was used to equip students with the tools necessary to practice supply and demand concepts. Students created and sold baked goods to model what a real supplier and consumer relationship looks like. It was a bake sale like no other, where academics and sweet aromas converged.
Government student and Sweet Market vendor Catherine Cela ‘19 reflects on the project: “We had to come up with a product or sweet to sell to our peers, calculate the cost it would take to make the product and how much we should sell it for in order to meet our costs and make a profit. It relates to our class as we study economics because supply and demand is the very basis of a market.”
During the sale, after either making a profit or experiencing a slow market, student groups made decisions about raising or dropping prices to increase their profits.
Cela continues, “I learned that you have to be willing to adjust the price to a changing market. As Community Time came to a close and my group was left with some of our product, I cut the price. I knew it would be better to sell our cake for $1 than be left with excess product.”
From Texas sheet cake to oreo balls, there was no shortage of sweets and smarts as upper school students practiced real life applications in a creative way. Mrs. Towery’s project was a huge success according to both the suppliers and the consumers.
“I really enjoyed this project,” Cela exclaimed. “It was fun to be creative, to bake and to see all the ideas our classmates came up with! It was an interactive way to learn rather than just reading about supply and demand in our textbooks. We actually had a chance to put those principles into practice.”