SBS Hope for Moms

Each year, SBS moms gather for the annual Hope for Moms breakfast for encouragement and fellowship. Moms gathered to listen to encouragement from SBS alumni mom and speaker Pam Thompson.

SBS mom Shannon Owen shared her thoughts on the day:

During the first week of school, Pam Thompson spoke to current SBS moms about hope for the upcoming school year. With her characteristic humor and wisdom, she reminded parents to hold onto hope with both hands. If we are not holding hope, we grasp for other things.

When we as parents sink into comparison or control, Pam said, “We miss the extraordinary nature of that child. We are not the potter; as moms, our job is to find out everything that God has put into our children.” When we grip onto concern or worry we communicate to our children that these school days are bigger than what God can do. When we let go of everything but our own comfort, we miss our opportunity to influence them in ways that truly matter. “Be present,” she said. Pam ended with this exhortation: “The Lord has more for your children than you can ask, think, or imagine. The best gift you can give your kids is a mom who holds onto the hope of a big God. Let hope rise up. Then, start speaking it over your family.”

Gatekeepers is a prayer group for moms in each grade at SBS. At Gatekeeper monthly meetings, SBS moms gather to pray for students, their families, faculty and the needs of the school. Meetings usually start with a short devotional before an opportunity to share prayer requests and conclude with a time of prayer for each student in the grade and their teachers. Please note: Gatekeeper guidelines are in place so that confidentiality is maintained concerning needs shared. If you are interested in joining Gatekeepers, contact Stephanie Robert at