SBC Youth Weekend

According to SBC high school pastor Nate Long, “Second Students Sunday is a special weekend that Dr. Young invites our high school ministry to conduct church services to highlight all that God is doing in students’ lives. The weekend gives us the opportunity to show our church body all that God is doing and the fruit of the investments they are making through praying, serving, giving and supporting the student ministry.”
Second Students Sunday was held access all SBC campuses, but it was the Woodway campus SBS seniors Joseph DiCecco, Charlotte Hartman, Hannah Price, Cole Smith, Kylie Tidmore and Drew Young shared their testimonies from the Woodway platform. Each student started writing their story several months ago. Then, two weeks prior to the service, they spent hours at the church practicing their messages while receiving help and critiques from our SBC youth staff. SBS seniors prayed over and directed the service and led worship through song and instrument along with the SBS Vision Choir.
Long continued, “Every year, I am blown away by their work ethic and ability to make youth weekend happen. I love hearing them teach our church body and am blessed to be a part of it. It is so awesome to see how God uses their stories to impact and further His Kingdom.”
At the conclusion of the service, Dr. Ed Young reflected on what he heard: “Watch how God is going to use those lives! What a wonderful testimony they have given for those that may not know Christ. See, He is making something beautiful out of the life that He has shared through these young people.”
Click here to view photos from this year’s Second Students Sunday.