Seventh Graders at the Texas State Capitol

A day of fun, education and travel awaited seventh graders early on the morning of April 27. Students eagerly loaded buses and set out to the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas. When students arrived at the visitor center, they were immediately greeted by Texas State Representative Dwyane Bohac.
As our students asked questions about what it is like to serve in office, they also learned what Representative Bohac finds most important, “Following Jesus is the most important decision you will ever make; choosing a spouse is the second; and what job you will do is the third. If you only remember one thing, be persistent toward the call that God has on your life, no matter what that is.” He continued to use his life experience to encourage students, "When you don't succeed at first, try and try again."
Seventh graders enjoyed the beautiful weather and lunch on the Capitol grounds. Once lunch was finished, students completed a scavenger hunt across the grounds where they had to find the answers to over 20 questions related to the different monuments and facts about the Capitol. According to Josh Collins ’23, “I loved the scavenger hunt. It gave us a way to visit all the grounds of the Capitol while having fun and letting out energy from the bus ride!”
Seventh grade students and teachers ended the day with a tour of the Capitol Building. Kendalyn Firenza ’23 said, “It was fascinating to see and learn how the Capitol Building incorporates the history of the state of Texas.”