SBS Robotics Takes First Place

Students that participated in the SBS Robotics Society worked every Friday after school for the entire year to prepare for the MATE Underwater Robotics Competition. Close to 30 schools came out to compete from across the state of Texas and, with a total of 192 points, SBS Team Sea-vantage brought home first place!
After a day full of competition and critical thinking, the SBS team was humbled and grateful for their win in only their second year of participation. According to team CEO Payton Kim ‘19, “One of the best parts about the competition was actually when one of our tools broke and we had to improvise with the other pieces around us to complete tasks. This experience showed the ingenuity of the team and our ability to communicate and work well with each other under stress.”
Echoing Kim’s thoughts was teammate Josh Collins ‘23, “This competition challenged us and made us be creative to find the best way to address problems.”
Overcoming a few setbacks and challenges, the team had moments of triumph, as well. According to robotics teacher Javier Saavedra, “I was so impressed by this team, but what I was most proud of was the team’s presentation of their ROV before a panel of engineers. Our students were professional and expressive and evidently impressed the panel.”
Please congratulate our SBS Robotics Team!
Nick Dillon '23
Brooks Rouse '24
Tristan Ellis '22
Alek Moya '23
Isaac Konuma '24
Samuel Konuma '24
Andrea Colchado '25
Natalia Saavedra '24
Nathan Flato '23
Josh Collins '23
TJ Johannessen '20
Payton Kim '19
Sebastian Marquez '23
Click here to view photos from the MATE Underwater Robotics Competition.