Tommy Tune Awards 2018

The annual Tommy Tune Awards occurred this week, bringing with it loads of fun experiences, memories and, of course, lots of music! The Tommy Tune Awards are a celebration of the arts for high schools in the Houston area. The time and effort that goes into musical productions are something other theatre companies know well, and the Tommy Tune Awards exists to bring those theatre companies together for comradery and celebration. Students from Second Baptist School have been preparing for the show since their 11 nominations were announced.
The night of the show, Rachel Young ‘18 won the Tommy Tune Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Ado Annie! All at SBS could not be more proud of Rachel for this well-deserved win.
I am still shocked that I won,” said Rachel Young ‘18. “I truly believe that it would not have been possible without my cast. I am very excited to have won!” Rachel went on to talk about the Tommy Tune Award show, saying, “It is a lot of rehearsals, and they work us really hard, but they also treat us like professionals and expect a lot out of us. It is very easy to make friends during those five-hour rehearsals. It also is a very good platform for SBS to show the love of God to a lot of people who have VERY different backgrounds than us.”
“I am so proud of Rachel, her self-disciple and determination in developing depth of characterization, her relentless desire to better her every onstage moment and her unquenchable aspiration to improve during the rehearsal period,” said OKLAHOMA! Director Cindy Blades. “She is a wonderful example to underclassmen of theatre leadership. This very talented young lady rehearsed every off bin and during Community Time. She adeptly implemented direction, while adding her own creative touches to Ado Annie, delighting the audiences during every performance. I cannot say enough about this gifted student.”
Second Baptist School’s Claire Bolling ‘19 and Jim Beauchamp ‘19 were chosen to be in a musical number with students from all over Houston who took part in the Tommy Tune Awards. This showstopper, along with performances from other schools who were nominated for Best Musical, was part of the pre-awards show.
“Students who receive a nomination for best supporting actor/actress perform in an opening number in the Tommy Tune Awards show,” said Claire Bolling ‘19. “For the past two weeks, we have rehearsed for the finale performance. Two students from each show were chosen to be in the number from the more than 44 schools who participate in Tommy Tune. It was a lot of hours but meeting students from around Houston and getting to know them has been a really cool experience.”