Mission and Distinctives

Key Initiatives in Mission & Distinctives

The Portrait of a Second Baptist School Graduate was written and adopted as a key priority in the 2017-2020 strategic plan. The Portrait clarifies what we seek to accomplish in the hearts, minds and lives of our students. The result of in-depth research, discussion and collaboration — including more than 400 faculty, staff, students, SBC pastors, parents, alumni and alumni parents — the Portrait of a Second Baptist School Graduate truly reflects the combined aspirations of our community.

The Portrait of a Second Baptist School Graduate is a statement of outcomes: the qualities we are collectively committed to helping our students develop in and out of the classroom.
We will use the Portrait of a Second Baptist School Graduate, in tandem with our core values, as a guide to conscientiously evaluate our programs, our curriculum and our approach to the classroom. With a clear vision for every SBS graduate, we will pursue this vision with the passion and purpose each student deserves to be fully equipped to change the world! 

List of 3 items.

  • Think Critically

    • Graduates value intellectual curiosity.
    • Graduates synthesize information and make connections.
    • Graduates solve problems.
  • Live Biblically

    • Graduates pursue a personal relationship with Christ.
    • Graduates commit themselves to developing a biblical worldview.
    • Graduates live for the honor and glory of God.
  • Lead Courageously

    • Graduates demonstrate discernment.
    • Graduates serve with compassion.
    • Graduates inspire others.

List of 3 items.

  • SBS Legacy

    Ensure the people, programs and curriculum are in place to equip students to reach their unique God-given potential.
  • SBS Difference

    Define the identity and distinctiveness of a Second Baptist School education.
  • Mission Effectiveness

    Identify and track key metrics to evaluate mission effectiveness.