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Lower school art includes aspects of music, theatre and visual arts to give students a love and passion for creativity and the gifts of God. The vision of lower school art is to instill a love for music and art through a wide range of experiences. Students develop a passion for art through various mediums and discover their unique talents. Starting in the early childhood program, students have yearly performances which include music, dance and visual art components. The early childhood music programs lay the foundation for musical growth and foster an appreciation of music for years to come. In everything, teaching revolves around biblical truths, teaching students the character of God through art.


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  • Lower School Programs

    Lower school students perform programs for parents and grandparents throughout the year, combining all areas of the arts and collaborating with other divisions of the school, including academics, physical education and Bible curriculum. 
  • Dream Big

    In the first grade Dream Big Program, students dress up and perform a program centered on what they want to be when they grow up. 
  • Hoedown

    The PK4 and Bridge students’ yearly program is Hoedown. Students perform music that incorporates Bible class curriculum and also show off their square dancing skills from motor skills classes.   
  • President’s Parade

    Second Grade students celebrate our nation’s past and present leaders as they participate in the second grade grandparent program Parade of Presidents. Students dress up as presidents and first ladies and give a speech about the person they are portraying.  
  • Christmas Program

    Kindergarten students sing Christmas songs at lower school chapel in December. Families are invited to join to celebrate the season through music.
  • Recorder Concert 

    Third grade students learn how to read music and play the recorder in the spring in music class. Their study culminates in a special recorder concert for parents.  
  • Jesus Freak

    The fourth grade grandparent program, Jesus Freak, is a combination of everything students learn throughout the year in Bible class where they have learned how to be passionate followers of Jesus.

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  • Madeline Long

    It is my dream and passion to teach these students how to have a love and passion for creativity and to instill in them a deeper love of our Creator.

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    Madeline Maddie Long 

    Lower School Art
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    Maryanne Elders 

    Lower School Music & PK and Bridge Science
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    Elizabeth Liza Brown 

    Lower School Music, Middle School Musical Director

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