PK3, PK4, Bridge - EED

We have fun activities, crafts, reading, and game times. We enjoy playground time from 4-5pm, weather permitting. During inclement weather, we stay in the classroom to play indoor games and activites. EED follows the same discipline policy as Second Baptist School.  Illness and incidents are taken to the Nurse's Office until Nurse closing time at 3:30. After 3:30, the Director of the EED program will contact parents.  

Children will need the following: a nap mat, an extra change of clothes (inside back pack), lunch and bottle of water. Please label all of your child's items.  We provide a healthy snack daily with water.  Our lesson plans are coordinated with Second Baptist School curriculum. We will have a letter of the week, craft and a nursery rhyme.

We are open on noon dismissal days at no extra cost and student holidays (as parent conference are part of the regular payment September and May). The program has the right to dismiss the student for a repeatedly late pick up.

This program is offered from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm beggining the first day of school. 

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