Become a Volunteer!

Volunteering at Second Baptist School is one of the best ways to get plugged in and make new friends. If you’re new to school volunteering or a seasoned veteran, there are big and small jobs covering interests and activities for everyone.
Each year, hundreds of SBS parents jump in and volunteer to serve our school. Become part of this incredible team of volunteers, and connect with others in the school community. Along the way, you will find yourself blessed because you shared your talents to serve our faculty, staff and students. And the Office of Advancement will thank you!
Examples of our volunteer opportunities include working on the Book Fair committee, chairing the EagleFest carnival, organizing and working with our Burger Daddies, helping with our athletic concessions, serving as a room mother, labeling letters for mass mailouts, serving on the annual Distinguished Speaker Luncheon committee, preparing and bringing teacher treats for our amazing faculty, working on the eighth grade dance committee, serving on the SBS Parents Association, being part of the Arts committee or using your talents to help with sewing costumes or doing makeup for the theatre department.
Because the faculty and staff give so much, it is a blessing, for me, as a parent, to be able to give back by volunteering at the school. When I volunteer at SBS, it is my way of saying thank you to each and every faculty and staff member for the incredible work they do.
Ginger Sanders
Parent of Dylan ’19 and Tyler ‘23