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Second Fund

Two elementary school girls smiling at each other.

Support Our Dedicated Community

Second Fund serves as the annual fund for SBS. Unlike Distinguished Speaker Dinner and EagleFest, there is no event associated with Second Fund. It is simply a time when we come together as a community to give in order to advance the mission of SBS. When considering your investment in The Big Three fundraisers, we ask that you make Second Fund your first priority.

Donate to Second Fund

Second Fund Cabinet


Second Fund Chairman

Sarah and Matt Ockwood

Leadership Committee

Natalie and Jason Baker

Amanda and Terry Boffone

Lauren and Brian DeSpain

Lisa and Eric Elder

Lindsay and James Garrett

Melissa and David Hollon

Erin and Hal ‘91 Knape

Shannon and Lee '02 Owen

Missy and Jeff Roe

Nancy and Roger Scales

Jennifer ‘99 and Joe Van Matre

Tricia and Lee Zieben

Class Representatives

Terri and Keith Smith

Brandy and Ron Wilson

Stephanie and Jimmy Robert

Jessica and Clint Rancher

Brittany '94 and Craig King

Erin and Matthew Lenhart

Erica and Jamie Walsh

Meg and Jonathan Curth

Kirstin and Scott Anderson

Brittany and Trevor McReynolds

Jenny and Nick Woodruff

Jen and Brandon Dewan

Trinecia and Jason Pernell

2037 and 2038
Jessica '04 and Gray Lisenby

Second Baptist School lower school teacher greets a family in the doorway of her classroom on the first day of school.

Second Fund provides the opportunities to make our school extraordinary in the areas of technology, arts, professional development and athletics

Donations are encouraged throughout the year, but the campaign is active for four weeks: November 6 - December 8, 2023. Pledges made during the campaign can be fulfilled anytime before June 15, 2024. Click here to donate to Second Fund.