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  • The Big 3 at Second Baptist School

    Second Fund, EagleFest and Distinguished Speaker Dinner
    These three fundraisers play an integral part in maintaining and improving our tradition of excellence. Each of these areas not only raises much-needed funds for the school, but also allows opportunities for parents, grandparents, alumni, foundations, corporations and friends to partner with us as we shape the lives and education of our students.

    Because of the generosity of our community’s time and resources, Second Baptist School is fortunate to support our faculty and cultivate programs in professional development, academics, arts, athletics and technology, thus enhancing the experience of each student on a daily basis.

Meet the Advancement Team

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  • Photo of Dyanne Kimmel

    Dyanne Kimmel 

    Director of Advancement
    (713) 365-2310
  • Photo of Jamie Coons

    Jamie Coons 

    Advancement Merchandise Coordinator
  • Photo of Ronda Harder

    Ronda Harder 

    Advancement Annual Giving Officer
  • Photo of Heather McGhee

    Heather McGhee 

    Advancement Systems Specialist
  • Photo of Nancy Merritt

    Nancy Merritt 

    Advancement Accounts Payable & Gifts Officer
    (713) 365-2310
  • Photo of Barbara Schroeder

    Barbara Schroeder 

    Advancement Event Coordinator
  • Photo of Courtney Tauber

    Courtney Tauber 

    Event Coordinator
  • Photo of Marlo Wise

    Marlo Wise 

    Alumni Relations Coordinator