Uniform Resale

11:00 AM - 3 PM in the C-Gym
  1. Drop Off
    1. 7:30am-10:30am: Bring labeled items (no hangers) to the C Gym lobby.
    2. Designated Resale Volunteers will sort and set up all clothing items to be sold.
  2. Come Shop
    1. 11am the doors to the C Gym will open for purchasing uniforms.
    2. This is a CASH ONLY sale. Please bring plenty of small bills as making “change” can be difficult.
    3. An additional fee of $1/item purchased will be collected by the cashier for the benevolence fund. Example 3 items purchased = $3 to benevolence fund
    4. The sale ends at 3 pm.
  3. Pick-Up
    1. Individuals who have sold items should come and collect their money by 3:30pm in the C Gym. Money will be held in the Office of Advancement until Monday, June 3.
    2. Pick up any unsold uniforms (with stickers) that you want back by 3:30 or they will be donated.