Parenting Matters: What God Intends

Hankamer Chapel
Parents:  please join us for a Parenting Matters - a parenting series at Second Baptist School. Licensed professional counselors will speak on timely topics that include body image, healthy eating, anxiety, depression and human sexuality.

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Sharing God’s plan for human sexuality can be a challenge for parents. Topics for this session include what to share and say at each stage from pre-adolescence to the teenage years. For parents of children in grades 3-12.
Brittany Senseman is a licensed professional counselor and founder and principal of Anthology Counseling and Wellness in West University. Brittany is a Class of 1999 graduate of Second Baptist School.
Jennifer Bartlett is a licensed professional counseling intern currently working at Anthology Counseling and Wellness in West University. Along with her Master’s of Education in Counseling, Jennifer has a background in working with adolescents and adults in both education and mental health settings.