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  • Honors Model United Nations

    Honors Model United Nations equips students with the background knowledge, essential skills and necessary practice to participate productively in Model U.N. simulations and competitions. In this course, students will learn about the origins, functions and purpose of the United Nations. Afterward, they will research and discuss a variety of important historical and current event topics, which will then form the basis for their debate. This course aims to cultivate students’ creativity as well as a passion for leadership, public speaking and international relations. Prior experience in Model U.N. and participation in the Upper School Model U.N. Club are not required for this course. Prerequisites: Teacher Recommendation and Writing Sample. Eligible Grade Level(s): 9-12.
  • Honors Yearbook Editors

    Honors Yearbook Editors offers a leadership and mentorship role to junior and senior students who edit and oversee the production of the Aquila yearbook for SBS. Students will create a framework for the yearbook, increase student coverage and grow as student leaders and journalists. Students must have the ability to mentor and delegate tasks to others in a fair and balanced manner, give and receive peer feedback, problem solve and utilize verbal and written communication skills with peers and the greater community through sales (cold-calling), individual meetings with editors (peers) and staff members (mentoring). Prerequisites: 1+ Years of Yearbook, A (or Above) on Editor Exam and Advisor Approval. Eligible Grade Level(s): 11-12.
  • Strength & Conditioning

    Strength & Conditioning provides students with the opportunity to supplement their strength and conditioning or make progress in a specific area of physical development. This course will provide athletes an opportunity to make progress in the areas of flexibility, physical conditioning, speed and agility or strength. Students that are not on an athletic team can earn a P.E. credit by completing this general fitness program. This pass/fail course does not contribute to a student’s GPA. Prerequisites: None. Eligible Grade Level(s): 9-12.
  • Supervised Study

    Supervised Study offers students the opportunity to study and complete homework in a focused setting within a teacher’s classroom. This designated study time functions as a non-credited course. This course can be taken for one or two semesters. Prerequisites: None. Eligible Grade Level(s): 9-12.
  • Yearbook

    Yearbook offers students the opportunity to serve on the staff responsible for creating the Aquila yearbook. Students will become fully proficient in design principles for print media and in journalistic writing and form. Ultimately, students will create a professional publication that represents the SBS campus and our mission as a church and school. Students will learn the basics of digital photography, graphic design and journalism while also gaining experience in advertising, marketing, sales and business. Prerequisites: Advisor Approval. Eligible Grade Level(s): 10-12.

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