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  • Biblical Discipleship

    Biblical Discipleship emphasizes the personal application of biblical texts to students’ lives and the development of disciplines in order to aid students in adopting a biblical worldview. Topical studies in this course will engage students with issues they face on a daily basis. Instruction and discussions in this course will encourage and educate students on their personal responsibilities as believers and the associated consequences of their decisions and actions. Note: sections for this course are separated based on gender. Prerequisites: None. Eligible Grade Level(s): 10.
  • Biblical Exposition

    Biblical Exposition encourages students to develop and build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Students are introduced to both the person and works of Christ by examining the Gospel of John and developing a strong understanding of the doctrine of salvation as presented in the epistle to the Romans. Through reading, writing and discussion, students will learn and utilize skills such as exegetical methodology and theological thinking. Prerequisites: None. Eligible Grade Level(s): 11.
  • Biblical Practicum

    Biblical Practicum recognizes that students’ senior year is a launching pad to life, so this course equips each of them with the tools necessary to navigate life outside the walls of SBS while instilling in them a passion to glorify God in all they do. The curriculum for this course is unique and topical in nature with an emphasis on apologetics. Through reading, writing and discussion, students learn about defending their faith and how to converse with people of different belief systems. Students will also continue to grow in their ability to practice spiritual disciplines, conduct close readings and think deeply. Prerequisites: None. Eligible Grade Level(s): 12.
  • Biblical Theology

    Biblical Theology engages in a study of the entire biblical narrative that establishes the foundation of basic Christian doctrine. Students will understand the Bible not as a collection of sixty-six separate books but as a sweeping story of God and His redemptive plan for humankind. The freshman year is a pivotal one in a student’s development; this course will prepare students to make educated decisions as to who they are and who they will become based on God’s calling for their lives. Students will explore God’s attributes, as well as his purpose for humanity. Prerequisites: None. Eligible Grade Level(s): 9.

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