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Social Studies

  • 5th Grade Social Studies

    Students explore and learn the early history of the United States. Students develop critical thinking skills to draw inferences and make conclusions about events in early American history and grow in their understanding of how important American events led to a free and democratic society. Topics of study include: Native Americans, Explorers, First Colonies, Road to Revolution, The American Revolution, U.S. Government, Westward Expansion and the Civil War. Students learn research skills and utilize technology often in this fun and engaging course. 
  • 6th Grade Social Studies

    Students study world geography and diverse cultures, examining the relationship between people and places across the globe. Students (1) use maps, globes, charts, models and databases to identify the characteristics and relative locations of major historical and contemporary societies; (2) analyze the geographic factors that influence the economic development, political relationships and policies of societies; and (3) expand their understanding of the relationships that exist among world cultures by using various methods of research in this relevant course.
  • 7th Grade Social Studies

    Students conduct an in-depth study of Texas history from the original exploration to current events; students will consider how various individuals, groups and issues have shaped the history of the state of Texas. Students are challenged to analyze primary and secondary sources to understand the historical, cultural, economic, social and global forces on Texas’ history. Additionally, students use prior geography skills to (1) understand the location and characteristics of places and regions in Texas; (2) collect, analyze and interpret data; and (3) explain the distribution and migration of population in Texas in the 19th and 20th century. By utilizing technology, this course engages students in all areas of Texas’ rich history through a variety of projects.
  • 8th Grade Social Studies

    Students focus on American history, studying topics and events from the colonization of North America through the Civil War. The study of historical content involves political, economic, religious and social issues of the past and how they relate to the world today. Analytical thinking skills are emphasized, as well as the reading and writing skills of a historian. Additionally, students participate in a week long trip to Washington, D.C. that immerses students in our nation’s history and includes an interdisciplinary project.

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