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Second Language

  • 5th/6th Grade Spanish

    Students focus on basic Spanish vocabulary, as well as basic conversational skills. In this introductory course, student learning includes: greetings-goodbyes, colors, calendar, family and clothing, all while developing an appreciation for the culture of other countries. This program supports the development of students’ listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in Spanish. Non-repeatable course.
  • 7th Grade Spanish

    Students incorporate the four areas of language learning: listening, writing, reading and speaking. Students experience an integrated approach to language learning with expressions, vocabulary and grammar structures interwoven with cultural information. Additionally, students utilize technology and visual materials when they participate in these four areas of language learning that are essential to progress toward competency in Spanish.
  • 8th Grade Spanish I

    Students learn and utilize basic vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation of the Spanish language. Students focus on the five components of language learning: oral comprehension, speaking, reading, writing and cultural awareness. Students learn five uses of verb tenses along with basic grammatical structures, and they become acquainted with significant aspects of Hispanic culture. There is no prerequisite for this course however a strong understanding of grammar is a must.
    Notes about Spanish I: 
    • Spanish 1 is a high school course and requires a full-year commitment and must be taken both semesters. 
    • Placement in Spanish I is contingent upon measurable academic achievement in English Language Arts in prior grades. 
    • Course materials purchased are utilized for eighth grade Spanish I and ninth grade Spanish II.
    • Students will have a semester exam in Spanish during exam week.

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