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  • 5th Grade Science

    Students focus on three units: physical science, life science and space science. In depth study units include exciting topics such as: states of matter, forces and motion, forms of energy, owls and living and working in space. Students develop skills in reading and discussing scientific information on a daily basis. Students participate in interactive labs that reinforce the importance of inquiry and critical thinking, as well as scientific writing. This course is intended to instill a love of scientific knowledge while developing study skills, critical thinking and inquiry.
  • 6th Grade Science

    Students expand specific scientific skills and methods through problem-solving, inquiry, critical thinking, hands-on learning, global connections and the development of scientific literacy. Topics of study include geology, meteorology, oceanography and astronomy are covered throughout the course of the year. Students study phenomena that include volcanoes, coral reefs, earthquakes and space in this thought-provoking course. The overall goal for this course is that students develop in-depth understanding and wonder of the majestic Earth that God created.
  • 7th Grade Science

    Students are exposed to the study of living organisms, biochemistry, genetics and heredity, cells and pathogens, as well as the human body. Students utilize the scientific method to perform labs, analyze data, create models and pictures to represent vocabulary and content and learn to write detailed, thorough scientific responses to analysis questions. The study of life science is one method of learning about God as He reveals Himself in His creation. With this fuller understanding of God’s intelligent design comes a deepened awareness of the character and power of the Creator.
  • 8th Grade Integrated Physics & Chemistry

    Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC) students conduct laboratory investigations, use scientific methods during investigations and make informed decisions using critical-thinking and scientific problem-solving. This course integrates the disciplines of physics and chemistry in the following topics: motion and forces, energy transformations, properties of matter, electricity, changes in matter and solution chemistry. Additionally, students consider the  limitations of science and the distinction between scientific evidence/thinking and biblical truth.

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