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  • 5th Grade English

    Students study literature, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and writing. In literature, there is a focus on reading comprehension, literary elements and literary analysis utilizing concrete details and commentary. In writing, topics include sentence structure and variety, topic and conclusion sentences, as well as effective paragraph construction. Vocabulary study enables students to understand basic roots, prefixes and suffixes to understand and apply the meanings of terms to their reading and writing. The reading and writing skills developed in this relevant course connect across the curriculum.
  • 6th Grade English

    Students learn to read closely, write effectively and apply proper English conventions. Students continue their English studies through their development in the areas of grammar, literature, writing and vocabulary. In literature, there is a focus on determining theme and making inferences. In writing, students further their understanding of writing strategies and seek to identify concrete details and write effective literary commentary. Students study vocabulary in the context of Latin and Greek roots. Additionally, students are immersed in engaging novel studies that facilitate literature analysis and writing.
  • 7th Grade English

    Students expand their knowledge and abilities of reading, writing and language in order to explore and become better communicators of the written word. In the area of reading, students will further develop their abilities to determine and analyze main ideas, themes, point of view and literary devices in literature. Students sharpen writing skills through an in-depth study of grammar (parts of speech, phrases, clauses), mechanics and usage. Finally, students experience the writing process by responding to literature through narrative and analysis writing.
  • 8th Grade English

    Students study grammar, vocabulary, writing and literature. As they encounter increasingly complex and varied reading selections, students refine and master previously learned knowledge and skills. Through close reading and in-depth analysis, students learn to interpret literary works. Students gain an increasingly sophisticated understanding of grammatical structures, usage and the conventions of language needed to communicate effectively with emphasis on the written word. Students produce structured short responses and multi-paragraph compositions with varied sentence structure.

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