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Pre-kindergarten 4

The Early Childhood Program at Second Baptist School is an active, progressive and developmentally appropriate program.
Students attend either Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m or Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m and Tuesday/Thursday from 8 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. During the week, students rotate through learning stations. These stations focus on theme-based literary and reading-readiness elements, accelerated mathematics, creative play and social development skills. Social studies instruction pairs with Bible lessons as students learn good citizenship and their unique place in God’s world. Science experiments and experiential learning trips enhance the units of study by providing meaningful memories and opportunities.
Low student-to-teacher ratios guarantee personalized instruction throughout the year, which is critical to developing young minds. Teachers seek ongoing communication with parents as they partner in educating their children.
  • Bible - Pre-kindergarten 4

    Pre-kindergarteners participate in Bible through daily prayer, Scripture memorization and Bible instruction taught by a Bible teacher. Each week, students attend Bible class three times, memorize a Bible verse and attend Chapel service to praise and worship God. Each year students engage in mission projects such as Angels of Light and Shoes for Orphan Souls. The Bible curriculum emphasizes ​the question, "w​ho will love the Lord, who will listen to the Lord and who will obey the Lord?"​
  • Language Arts - Pre-kindergarten 4

    Authentic literature and phonetic awareness are the primary focus of our literacy curriculum in PK, with social studies and science themes woven throughout. Students learn letter formation using Handwriting Without Tears.
  • Mathematics - Pre-kindergarten 4

    The pre-kindergarten mathematics curriculum uses a variety of resources to appropriately challenge and guide students. Hands-on learning through manipulatives and interactive games and activities make learning math fun for our students.
  • Motor Lab - Pre-kindergarten 4

    Motor Lab is based on Athena Oden's Ready Bodies, Learning Minds program, in which reflex and sensory integration are the primary focuses. Students learn to work their vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile systems, and learn basic tasks in the classroom that refine gross and fine motor tasks.
  • Motor Skills - Pre-kindergarten 4

    The motor skills curriculum introduces students to the basics of movement and teaches them gross and fine motor skills. Proper movement form, terminology, appropriate group behavior and simple games are taught throughout the year. Classes include muscle development, vigorous movement and stretching. The curriculum heavily emphasizes cooperation and sportsmanship.
  • Music - Pre-kindergarten 4

    Music classes in pre-kindergarten focus on the combination of play and basic musical concepts and skills. The music teacher encourages students to sing in unison, listen by echoing songs and feel the beat with body percussion, movement and rhythm instruments. Pre-kindergarten students showcase their talent in the spring in the annual ECP Hoedown program.
  • Science and Social Studies - Pre-kindergarten 4

    Students develop an understanding of the world through units such as the five senses, all about me, nursery rhymes, community helpers, growing and living things, animals, sea life, weather and holiday traditions. All pre-kindergarten science and social studies lessons are hands-on and taught through a biblical lens.
  • Technology - Pre-kindergarten 4

    Pre-kindergarten students attend technology class twice a month in which a trained technology specialist introduces them to the exciting world of computers. During their time in the lab, students learn how to use programs such as Paint and Photobooth. They practice trackpad manipulation and play educational games that are integrated in their classroom curriculum. The technology teacher works with classroom teachers to integrate iPad and computer use in their day-to-day curriculum.

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