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  • Creating a Family

    on and off the court
Second Baptist School's basketball program is rooted in tradition tailoring individual and team coaching. The philosophy of the basketball program is based on the premise that each team member believes that collective success is more important than individual glory. The women's basketball team strives to pursue excellence, perfect character, place student athletes in positions to be successful and create wonderful memories. The men’s basketball team is driven by five core principles: humility, passion, unity, servanthood and thankfulness. The SBS basketball program is about living out the gospel, fostering a basketball family culture that is Christ-centered and being intentional to observe and develop leadership qualities in all coaches and players. Basketball is available to male and female athletes in grades 7-12.

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  • Coach Herndon "CH"

    We see ourselves as a family. We build each other up and we for sure don't want to let our family members down.

SBS Basketball Stats

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  • Coach Mouton

    You are what you repeatedly do; therefore, excellence should be a habit not an act.

Athletics Headlines

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  • Photo of DJ Anderson

    DJ Anderson 

    MS Boys Basketball
  • Photo of Danny Evans

    Danny Evans 

    Asst. Mens Basketball
  • Photo of Damion Haskett

    Damion Haskett 

    Asst. Mens Basketball
  • Photo of John Herndon

    John Herndon 

    Physical Education, Head Womens Basketball, MS Golf
  • Photo of Milton Holmes

    Milton Holmes 

    MS Football, MS Boys Basketball
  • Photo of Dylan Jones

    Dylan Jones 

    Sub-varsity Basketball
  • Photo of Kevin Mouton

    Kevin Mouton 

    Physical Education, Head Mens Basketball
  • Photo of Curtis Scipio

    Curtis Scipio 

    Physical Education, Asst. Cross Country, Asst. Mens Basketball, Asst. Track
  • Photo of Jack Shoemaker

    Jack Shoemaker 

    JV Mens Basketball
  • Photo of Jim Stephens

    Jim Stephens 

    Asst. Girls Basketball
  • Photo of Corey Warren

    Corey Warren 

    Asst. Football, JV Womens Basketball
  • Photo of Angel Williams

    Angel Williams 

    MS Girls Basketball

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