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  • Rooted in a tradition

    of excellence
Second Baptist School baseball is an extension of the SBS Athletic Department and exists to impact the lives of every member of the program for Christ. Coaches build meaningful, personal relationships with each player and spend time taking a personal interest in each player's gifts, abilities and goals. Players can expect a disciplined, organized practice with an emphasis on skill development and competitive intensity in order to learn perseverance, selflessness, teamwork and unity. SBS baseball seeks to give each class a chance to play for a championship and believes excellence is defined by exhibiting a high level of skill, practice habits, effort and toughness. SBS baseball is proud to remain Christ-centered while putting a high quality product on the field year after year. Baseball is available to male athletes in grades 7-12.

SBS Baseball Stats

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  • Coach Noble

    University of Houston Hall of Honor Inductee
    I consider coaching to be my spiritual gift. Coaching provides me with a platform to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to teach leadership skills on and off the field.

Athletics Headlines

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  • Photo of James Noble

    James Rayner Noble 

    Physical Education, Head Baseball, MS Cross Country
  • Photo of Keith Page

    Keith Page 

    Physical Education, JV Football, JV Baseball
  • Photo of Duncan Shanklin

    Duncan Shanklin 

    MS Baseball
  • Photo of Nick Lackey

    Nick Lackey 

    MS Baseball
  • Photo of Terry Pirtle

    Terry Pirtle 

    Physical Education, Head Football, Asst. Baseball
  • Photo of Andy Pettitte

    Andy Pettitte 

    Asst. Baseball
  • Photo of Stephen Burris

    Stephen Burris 

    Upper School Mathematics, Asst. Football, Asst. Baseball
  • Photo of Nicholas Mascioli

    Nicholas Nick Mascioli 

    Director of Athletic Performance
  • Photo of Brad Cooper

    Brad Cooper 

    Sports Medicine

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