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Second Baptist School volleyball players congratulate each other after a good play.
Building Young Women To Be Leaders On & Off The Court

Second Baptist School's award-winning volleyball program achieves success through hard work, dedication and the building of strong character. The volleyball team strives to work every day at their sport, knowing that through hard work they can achieve anything. Practices focus on skill development and encourage teamwork to prepare for success in competition. Teammates are held to a high standard of Christian morals and are encouraged daily to support one another, their coaches and Second Baptist School. Volleyball is available to female student athletes grades 7-12.


Second Baptist School varsity volleyball players place their hands on a teammates' shoulder as they pray before the game.
Second Baptist School volleyball team gathers around varsity coach in a huddle before a game.
Second Baptist School volleyball player sets the ball to a teammate preparing to hit.
Two SBS volleyball players block the ball during a game.
Second Baptist School high school student athlete passes the ball during a game.
Second Baptist School varsity volleyball player sets the ball.

JV Team

Freshmen Team

Middle School Teams

Coach Tryon

"I believe sports serve as an avenue to many of life’s greatest lessons. I want  our student-athletes to walk away with an experience that benefits them  well beyond their years at Second Baptist School, while also learning to  use their time at SBS to glorify god through their athletic career. "

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Prospective Student Athletes

Questions about the volleyball program at SBS? Contact Head Volleyball Coach Chandace Tryon.