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Cross Country

Second Baptist School cross country runner nears the finish line during a race.
A Love for Christ, Teammates & Running

Second Baptist School cross country is an extension of the SBS Athletics Department and embodies a community of families that walk through life together and encourage one another. Cross country athletes develop necessary tools that equip them to be successful in their futures. Grit, determination, perseverance, accountability, responsibility and respect are just a few of the strong characteristics Cross country athletes gain by being a part of the SBS team. A love for Christ, a love for teammates and a love for running serve as the foundation for the SBS cross country team. Cross Country is available to male and female student athletes grades 7-12.


Second Baptist School cross country runner finishes his race.
Four female cross country runners from Second Baptist School pose during a meet.

Middle School Teams

Coach Hobbs

"Coaches have such a unique opportunity to impact young people, and God’s  word uses distance running as a vivid analogy for our training as Christ  followers. it is unexpected, yet I am excited to resume the role of coach,  use distance running to move our students closer to the SBS portrait of a  graduate, and represent SBS in a first-class manner. God bless and go eagles!"

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Soar With Us

Interested in being a part of the championship legacy at SBS? Connect with us today.

Prospective Student Athletes

Questions about the cross country program at SBS? Contact Head Cross Country Coach Chris Hobbs.