Admissions Steps

Step 1: Online Application and Checklist
Click Apply Now to begin the online application. You will create a login and password at the start of the process. You may complete the application over time, and your student will be considered an applicant when each step is completed and the fee is paid. You will submit some items via the online checklist.
Step 2: Required Documents
You will submit your student's birth certificate and other applicable documents via the online checklist.

Step 3: Submit Teacher Recommendation 
Submit the teacher recommendations through the online checklist. The teacher will return completed form to the Office of Admissions. Recommendations from English and math teachers are required.

Step 4: Transcript Request
Submit the official transcript request to your student's current school. To print the request, Click Here. The school will return completed forms to the Office of Admissions. 

Step 5: ISEE - Independent School Entrance Exam
Applicants for grades 9-12 are required to take the ISEE - Independent School Entrance Exam. Regular testing fee is $125. Register here.

Step 6: Interview
Upper school applicants attend an interview with an upper school administrator or faculty member. Interviews are scheduled through the online checklist.

Decision and Reply Date

Admissions Decisions
Friday, March 13, 2020
Mailed and available online

Common Reply Date
Friday, April 3, 2020


Tours, Events & Student Shadow Days

Tours, events and Student Shadow Days each provide a unique look at academic and student-life experiences.

Tours begin September 2020.
Registration for Tours and Events available June 2020.
Shadow Day registration available September 2020.

Arts and Athletic Events

Campus life is an integral part of the upper school community. You will have opportunities to attend athletic events as well as choir and band concerts, our fall drama production held in October 2020 and our upper school musical production in February 2021.