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Smiling middle school students stop for a picture on their way to class.

The Heart of SBS: Caring Community

The Office of Admissions invites you to experience Second Baptist School in person. As you consider SBS for your family, we look forward to connecting you with our caring community. Whether you want to walk the halls of a building, talk to a division head or learn more about co-curriculars at SBS, the admissions team is here to serve you. 

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Campus Tours

Private tours are offered on a limited basis for grades in which we have availability. Contact the grade level coordinator for more information.

Kelle Lambert
Lower and Middle School Admissions Coordinator
Pre-kindergarten 3 - Grade 8

Will Hampton
Upper School Coordinator
Grades 9-12

Spring Forward

Spring Forward is for families interested in hearing about Second Baptist School and the admissions process for the 2025-2026 school year. This event is open to parents whose students are entering grades Pre-Kindergarten 3 - Grade 9.

Admissions Important Dates and Events

Meet Me at Second Cup

Director of Admissions Andrea Prothro invites you to coffee at Second Cup where she will share more about the mission of SBS and how your family can get to know our caring community. Schedule your meeting today!

2023-2024 Admissions Fellows

Zoe Chapman


Zoe Chapman '25

"I moved several times and have lots of experience being new, so one of my favorite things is helping people get plugged into the community and feel at home. I love Second Baptist and all it has to offer, and it is such a privilege to share that with others!"

Michael Pratt


Michael Pratt '25

"I'm excited to show the amazing environment we have to perspective students. I want them to experience everyday life at Second and make sure they feel welcomed."

Jake Miers


Jake Miers '25

"I look forward to serving families who are just now getting to know this wonderful school. As an Admissions Fellow for the 2023-2024 school year, I am directly connected to the future of new students as well as the future of Second Baptist School."

Chatham Carlson


Chatham Carlson '25

"I love meeting prospective families and sharing the many reasons why I love SBS. I can’t wait to show the Christ-centered aspects of Second’s community to new students and families!"

Our Admissions Team

Andrea Prothro

Andrea Prothro

Director of Admissions
Will Hampton

Will Hampton

Upper School Admissions Coordinator, Asst. Football
Kelle Lambert

Kelle Lambert

Lower and Middle School Admissions Coordinator
Hallie Decker

Hallie Decker

Admissions Analyst