Application Process

ECP & Lower School

Steps to Apply

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  • Step 1: Online Application and Checklist

    When you Apply Now, you will create a login and password. You may complete the application over time, and your student will be considered an applicant when each step is completed and the fee is paid.
  • Step 2: Required Documents

    • Submit the teacher recommendation through the online checklist. The teacher will return the completed form to the Office of Admissions.
    • Kindergarten - grade 4 applicants will submit the official records request to your student's current school. The school will send records directly to the Office of Admissions.
    • You will submit your student's birth certificate and other applicable documents via the online checklist.
  • Step 3: Testing

    PK4 - grade 4 applicants, lower school required testing is administered by Education Specialists. Schedule your individual appointment with Education Specialists (713) 461-7996.
  • Step 4: Evaluation

    Lower school applicants attend an evaluation with the Office of Admissions. Evaluations are scheduled through the online checklist.

When to Apply

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  • Pre-Kindergarten 3

    Students must be three years old before September 1 of the enrolling year.
  • Pre-Kindergarten 4

    Students must be four years old before September 1 of the enrolling year.
  • Kindergarten

    Students must be five years old before September 1 of the enrolling year.

Enrolling School Year

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  • 2021-22

    Apply Fall 2020
  • 2022-23

    Apply Fall 2021
  • 2023-24

    Apply Fall 2022

Decision & Reply Dates

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  • Admissions Decisions

    Friday, March 12, 2021
    Mailed and available online
  • Common Reply Date

    Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Tours, Events & Student Shadow Days

The Office of Admissions hosts virtual events that will provide a unique look at the SBS Experience.

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