Admissions Visiting Student Emergency Form

The Visiting Student Emergency Form provides important information about your student in case of an emergency while he/she is on our campus.

Please complete and submit the form. We will provide a copy for signature when you arrive with your student for their Shadow Day visit.
Understanding that my student may need emergency medical treatment while visiting Second Baptist School (“School”) on the date listed above, I authorize the School staff, employees, agents, representatives and assigns to administer first aid or other medical treatment as deemed best under the circumstances. I consent for my student to receive such treatment. I understand that the School will attempt to notify me (or other parent/guardian named on this form), in the event of an emergency requiring immediate medical care for my student. If the School is unable to notify me, in case of a serious injury/illness, the School has my permission to arrange transportation to and treatment by a duly qualified physician at the nearest appropriate emergency hospital or clinic. I agree to accept financial responsibility for my Student’s health-care expenses. I hereby release the School from any and all claims and liabilities of whatsoever nature.