The Office of College Guidance partners with families in an effort to guide students in making educated choices in the college-selection process. To facilitate this, the college guidance team provides the following:

  • Grade-level appropriate group sessions
  • Individual family meetings
  • Group admissions and information sessions with college representatives
  • Testing guidance
  • Essay and résumé writing/editing sessions
  • Personalized letters of recommendation
  • Guided assistance in completing applications
  • Excursions to tour colleges and universities
  • Prayer-based support
In college guidance, we believe Second Baptist School students are called to a higher purpose than educating merely for career purposes. Through the centuries, God graciously called His people to various vocations. In these vocations, He commissioned His people to proclaim the excellencies of His name and to extend His Kingdom wherever He has placed them. It is to this end we joyfully and purposefully desire to partner with our parents and students during the college application and decision process.


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