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  • Developing Well-Rounded Students

    to impact the world for Jesus Christ
Upper school is a pivotal time as students develop into the young men and women they will enter the world and be. In high school at SBS, every course, extra curricular activity and leadership opportunity is intentionally set to prepare students for college and beyond. The teachers at SBS build trusted relationships with their students in order to develop their unique gifts and encourage lifelong learning. High school at SBS is spirited and provides an environment for students to engage in a positive high school experience  - fulfilling the mission of SBS both inside and outside the classroom.

Upper School Curriculum

Fulfilling Our Portrait of a Graduate

The upper school provides students with meaningful academic and co-curricular experiences that will further develop their abilities to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously as they approach graduation. Offering a broad range of courses and electives from the academic level to honors and Advanced Placement, the upper school seeks to equip students with the mindsets and skills necessary to solve problems, collaborate with others and make connections, all within the context of a biblical worldview. At the conclusion of their time in upper school, students should feel compelled to pursue with excellence that which God has called them to do, impacting the world for Jesus Christ.

Developing Student Leadership

Alongside a Christ-centered education committed to the pursuit of excellence, the upper school also values the development of student-leaders, giving them the opportunity to take ownership of their high school experience. In this spirit, rising seniors can apply and interview for Prefect positions, while rising juniors and seniors have the opportunity to seek out positions as Fellows in the upper school. Selected by a panel of administrators, teachers, church staff and their peers, Prefects greatly impact and influence student life within the school community by assuming a posture of servant leadership as they coordinate various projects and initiatives, working alongside their student committees. In addition, the Fellows program gives upperclassmen the chance to develop their leadership skills while being mentored by executive-level staff members and other administrators in the Second Baptist community.

Facilitating Unconventional Learning

Interim Term offers students creative experiences--on and off campus--that advance the goals of our academic and our co-curricular programming. These experiences further develop meaningful relationships between students and faculty and give students opportunities to develop new passions, interests and skills applicable to their personal and professional lives. Second Baptist School’s Interim Term enhances the academic experience through a myriad of opportunities, enabling students to apply their learning outside the classroom. This two-week program offers numerous elective courses that expand upon our regular curriculum and seek to fulfill our portrait of a graduate, including a variety of on-campus classes, service initiatives, professional internships and domestic and international travel.

Our Upper School Team

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    Jon Konzelman 

    Head of Upper School
  • Photo of Bradley Lane

    Bradley Brad Lane 

    Upper School Dean of Students, Head Track, Asst. Football
  • Photo of Jacob Lindsey

    Jacob Lindsey 

    Upper School Dean of Academics, Model United Nations
  • Photo of Samantha Morris

    Samantha Morris 

    Upper School Counselor
  • Photo of Jennifer Daniels

    Jennifer Daniels 

    Upper School Student Life Coordinator
  • Photo of Jennifer Murdock

    Jennifer Jenny Murdock 

    Upper School Administrative Assistant, Head Golf
  • Photo of Amy St. Denis

    Amy St. Denis 

    Director of College Guidance
  • Photo of Allison Dow

    Allison Dow 


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